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Jan 05

This post will show you how to Install XTUNER E3 Software.

Client Downloading:
Access To website:, and download “XTUNER-E3 Setup Vx.xx”

Client Setup:
Unzip XTUNER-E3 Setup Vx.xx and run XTUNER-E3 setup.exe:

XTUNER E3 Software Installation-1

XTUNER E3 Software Installation-2

Please click “Next”.

XTUNER E3 Software Installation-3

Please click “Next”.

XTUNER E3 Software Installation-4XTUNER E3 Software Installation-5

Please click “Install”.

XTUNER E3 Software Installation-6

XTUNER E3 Software Installation-7

XTUNER-E3 wireless diagnostic service system installs successfully.

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