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Mar 20

I tried to write a file to my friends car VW Passat 2.0cr CBAB edc17cp14 through OBD with KESS, it failed and now the car won’t start.
Properly it is Tprot locked.
Before that, I read the original file through OBD, and wrote it back again with no problems.
But now it is properly locked.

Afterwards i have put the ECU to boot mode with kess tricore module, where i have made a “backup file read” and a “normal read”

I have read something about creating a restored file from the three files i just mentioned above.
Hopefully one can guide me in a right direction or help me creating a restored file so the car can start again.
I attach my file
Passat CBAB!JEZRwLTZ!PGI5QrzlnHxkFztzR-s95qpbaSwiR4ciKVIsQ_80g2M

And this is some files read out with MPPS V18!1EJk3AKa!-H6tOp2RWOAgsJpOcNBHcSFG_ktd2LpgzVOas8nusZc

This is the id I have:
SW: 1037563234
VIN nr.:
SW ver.:
HW Ver.:
SW upg.: 03L906022QD 9977
Installation: P151 – Bosch EDC17CP14 internal flash VAG

Here you go, put the ecu back into car and recover with 501 protocol and follow instructions ksuite tells you!ZFhUERxQ!qEQabBLeZCnJIaFX-vKijkENo6mDhrf-XpIN64hjOmI

Finally the problem was solved with this guide:
Problem: ECU VAG EDC17CP04/14 blocked writing MOD by OBD (so called EEPROM crash)
caused by: ECU remain in programming mode.
1. Read IROM / XROM and EEPROM in bootloader mode.
2. Fix IROM/XROM using bootloader readout and OBD ORI readout (you will probably need to paste part of map zone and chk/RSA zone)
3. Write fixed IROM/XROM by bootloader (do not touch EEPROM!)
4. connect ECU to the car and write repaired IROM/XROM (same used for bootloader) by OBD.
It will automaticaly fix eeprom problem.

Credits to eivin96 member of ecuedit forum
Thanks Laurance from

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