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Nov 26

Here is the Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro diagnostic tool I got yesterday. I have not used it before, this is definitely a lot more portable than I thought. My Chevrolet struck has a check engine light on, so I’m gonna use the small tool to find out the reason.





Alright, I will use the little connector to plug-in the OBD2 port for a certain thing. Autel MD806 Pro is not a touchscreen, it is a kind of old-school that should hit the buttons. It is actually very simple to use.




Let’s find out why this check engine lights on and hopefully it is not anything too crazy… so the good news is it only shows one code found. Let’s read codes, it will do stored codes. It says a fan speed sensor circuit. I am not entirely sure what the fan speed sensor circuit is, but that is when we’re gonna have to look up. The code is P0526.



So let me check that out, but before I do that let’s just go through the diagnostic manual for a quick overview: system status, read codes, erase codes, live data, freeze frame, I/M readiness, O2 monitor test, onboard monitor test, component test, vehicle info, modules present, DTC lockup, system status. Okay, that is all. Let’s go out of this, they are all in OBD2 function.


In the main menu, there is a service function, it is including oil reset, EPB, SAS, DPF, BMS, even your throttle. And go out of this, there is an update, as you see, it is updated by USB, not Wi-Fi.


All right let’s go check out that code and find out exactly what it is. It turns out that is the electric fan clutch. It’s really no big deal, it is not expensive, and not difficult to replace. The truck doesn’t overheat. It seems to do just fine, it’s something maybe we’ll fix.

Autel MD806 Pro is quite a small and powerful OBD2 scanner that every mechanic can carry easily and put in cars anywhere. It has the basic functions for my daily work, and helps me a lot for home service.

Nov 24

GODIAG GT100 OBD2 Breakout Box is a new ECU connector and protocol communication detection device, which is convenient for technicians to connect with ECU module separately for diagnostic programming and coding. It can also be used to detect whether the diagnostic programming or decoding device can send the communication signal normally.

What highlights does the GODIAG GT100 auto tool have?

1. Diagnostic device detection
When connecting with GODIAG GT100, the diagnostic device will emit communication signals after the vehicle model and function was selected. The protocol indicator on GODIAG GT100 flashes, if not, it means there was something problem or damage in the diagnostic device connection.

2. Communication status display
Connect GODIAG GT100 to the OBD port of the vehicle and turn on its power switch, the vehicle battery voltage will be displayed. The protocol indicator on GODIAG GT100 will flash when connecting with an additional diagnostic device, which is convenient to observe the status and communication protocol of the current vehicle.

3. Fast connection with a single module and diagnostic device.
GODIAG GT100 can quickly connect to a single ECU module for communication and programming with a diagnostic device. Technicians are allowed to finish work in an office, no need to test in a car in case of any possibilities of data loss from other modules.

4. Multiple car ECU modules connection
It is designed for technicians those require to connect with multiple ECU modules when programming, such as key programming.

5. Continuous power supply when battery replace
Connect with GODIAG GT100 via OBD before battery replace, which can give continuous power supply for ECU to avoid failure or remote data losing of specific cars due to this reason.

6. Diagnostic wire was extended to 1.2 meters
1.2 meters length wire solves the troubles of diagnostic wire was too short, or vehicle interface was too narrow for connection.

7. Banana plug jump can connect with OBD1 interface
GODIAG GT100 supports converting OBD1 interface to standard OBD2 interface via connecting with banana plug and jump wire, which provides convenience for OBD1 vehicles’ diagnosis.

8. Special truck interface convert to standard OBD2
GODIAG GT100 also supports converting special truck interface to standard OBD2 truck interface via the protocol.

9. BMW CAS4 special connection wire
GODIAG GT100 is a BMW CAS4 adapter test platform as well, which can detect programmed keys and CAS4 normal work.
Even though GODIAG GT100 ECU Connector is already with such features, GODIAG engineers are working for developing more functions, such as specific Benz EIS connector, ESL connector, IMMO matching wires, … etc.

More information to be updated…

Nov 20

How to use VXDIAG DoiP VCX SE DoNet function to diagnose Mercedes Benz? Today I will show and make a quick demonstration.

Firstly, connect the VCX SE device to a smart phone via hotspot, fill in name and password with “DiagOnNet”.

Connect VCX SE to the car, press the reset button on device for 3 seconds after hearing a beep. Now the WIFI is connecting.



Start VX Manager software:
Click “Remote”>> Enter device ID, it is on the backside of VCX SE>> Refresh device



Connect device >> The VX manager will restart automatically, click “OK”>> Click “Firmware” to check if it is the latest version, if not, please upgrade.



Click “Diagnostic” to check the device driver, the green tick icon means it has been installed.

Exit VX manager, and start XENTRY Diagnosis software.

Click “About”>> C (204) >> XENTRY Diagnosis
It will take 2-3 minutes to read vehicle information…




Initial quick test >> Continue >> Start quick test

Detecting the vehicle module…




Vehicle information has been read out.

Press “OK”, and switch ignition on manually.

Central gateway (CGW[ZGW]) has been read out.

Full operation video:

This is a step by step procedure of using VCX SE tool for Mercedes Benz diagnosis. More information please contact us.

Nov 17

This post will show you how to use Launch X431 Pro Mini to do a power balance test for the 2005 Ford F150 Lariat.

Connect the X431 Pro Mini VCI module to OBD2 port of car, go access to main menu to press function buttons.
Tradition Diagnose >> Ford >> Submit >> Automatically Search >> Set ignition switch to ON(Position II), press “OK”>> Yes



Automatically Search >> System Selection >> PCM(Powertrain Control Module)

Special Functions >> Power Balance >> OK



As you can see, there are 8 cylinders. I will put on a little load, put it in drive off, then put my foot on the brake and give it a little gas.

Now you can see No.1 misfired, see how it shot down I can also fill it in the truck. On the No.8 is shot down just at the end because the one getting ready to fire.



Launch X431 Pro Mini is one of the best diagnostic tools to show No.1 has a problem, it turned out to be the coil pack was breaking down. I am going to fix it.

Nov 11

Launch CRP123X diagnostic tool features with a 5 inches touchscreen, which supports all OBD functions and the basic quick test for engine, transmission, ABS and SRS system. It is ideally suitable for car repair enthusiastic, but do you want to know their feedback? Let’s move forward.

The Launch CRP123X came with a carrying bag, charging cable and OBD2 cable. You can power it on without connecting to a vehicle. Easy to use, very sturdy and firm case. It can quickly identify my Nissan without entering the VIN code one by one. With the diagnostic trouble code it provided, I felt confident to avoid being cheated by mechanics for paying much money. The diagnosis of CRP123X for ABS, SRS, engine and transmission is fast and effective. Buy this Launch tool and you won’t regret it!


Set up for Launch CRP123X is super easy, it has a strong battery to last a lone time. The protective cover seems firm but I don’t like red color. However, I like its storage, it is showing 2.7GB available. The WIFI connection allows me to send a health report and Google directly which is helpful. I really like Launch CRP123X tool, and always keep it in my trunk to use. It is said to have lifetime free update, if you are a DIYer, this would be a good purchase.


Thanks to Launch CRP123X, it can give me any engine trouble codes. The scanner connects to my Wifi just as easy as my phone. I can upgrade the firmware via Wifi directly. It can show the battery voltage as well, I absolutely love it. From DIY to the professionals both would like it.



I bought Launch CRP123X to see and clear ABS and SRS codes on a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado, it helped to identify and clear drivers airbag low resistance and front left impact sensor codes. The software covers a lot of vehicles, I will use it to keep several high mileage vehicles going. The OBD2 device is quite helpful.


I was surprised by the speed of Launch CRP123X, it found VIN numbers quickly for a 2004 Nissan Titan and a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country. With the generated report, I can highlight any faults and go directly to live data. The interface is easy to operate, any skill level could use this scanner smoothly. Otherwise, pressing the power button can quickly see its battery life. I really like this feature.


Launch CRP123X screen is clear and nice. What impressed me most is the combination of AutoVIN technology & WIFI update, being the best choice for me in terms of performance, speed, data transfer, and analysis. It can identify my car immediately without inputting the year, make, engine, etc. It allows me to read and retrieve diagnostic codes easily, perform a quick scan, even can reset error SRS light to save me much time and money. I was satisfied and will recommend it.


I was tired of taking my truck to a mechanic when the annoying check engine light was shinning in my face again. So I bought this Launch CRP123X scanner to fix it myself. It listed all the probable problems and locations on my vehicle. I’m sure I will use it again and again for my family or friends. It saved me lots of money, what more to ask for? I will highly recommend the Launch scan tool.



More reviews about Launch CRP123X OBD2 scan tool to be collected…

Nov 04

How to program a smart key for BMW CAS4 with XTOOL X100 PAD3 key programmer? Today I wanna make a quick description of the procedure.

Here are BMW smart keys, the right one is original key and the left one is new key to be programmed.

Turn on X100 PAD3 tablet, inset cables to BMW OBD port, now let’s start to match the keys:
Diagnosis >> BMW >> OK >> Match key >> Yes



Connect X100 PAD3 with internet >> Click “Back” button >> OK
You can see vehicle information displayed on the screen now: including CAS type, CAS number, VIN code, etc. Click “OK” to go on.



You can see keys information 1-10 displayed here, key pos1 & pos2 are used while key pos3-10 are unused.
Choose an unused key pos, I am choosing key pos10 here, then click “Key Match”>> Yes >> Requires original car key to operate



Keep the original car key close to sensing area, then click “OK”.



Put the new key at car induction coil, then click “OK”.


New smart key is successful programmed! Click “OK”
As you seen, the key pos10 turns out to be used now.


Okay, let me test the keys to see if they can work normally.
Both original key and new car key can work well after successful programming.
Job has done! It is easy and fast to finish in 3 minutes.

This is an operation tutorial of 2014 BMW key programming using with XTOOL X100 PAD3 auto key programmer.

More tests to be updated…

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Oct 26

What’s up, guys? Today I’m going to show how to reset adaptation values for your variable camshaft timing control on an R56 Mini Cooper S. So if you’ve just done your timing chain recently, you will need to read this tutorial. I’m gonna do this job with a Foxwell NT510 Elite OBD2 scan tool.

First you have to do, it is to put your key in the ignition, and press the start button without hitting the brake or the clutch.

Plug the Foxwell NT510 Elite to OBD2 port underneath the dash, and start:
BMW >> Mini >> SmartVIN >> Press F3 to be completed >> Press F3 for “Yes”





Please wait loading data until 100%…

Service >> Drive >> Motor Electronics >> Adjustment >> Clear Adaptations





DME: delete adaptation variable camshaft timing control >> Read the notes, press F3 for “OK”>> Reset adaptation values >> Read the notes, press F3 for “OK”




The adaptation values have been successfully reset, press F3.

Switch off terminal 15 and terminal R. Wait 15 seconds until the reset adaptation values are stored in the DME. Press F3 and wait…

Switch on terminal 15. Leave ignition switched on for at least 10 seconds. Press F3 to complete.

Job has done.

Foxwell NT510 Elite should work this function on any BMW Mini Cooper except for a classic mini cooper.

Oct 15

This post is an explanation of installing the cutter & probe steps for the 2M2 Magic Tank car key cutting machine.

How to install cutter & probe for 2M2 Magic Tank?
Open Magic Tank app, enter into settings >> probe l cutter >> replace the cutter/probe;


Operate according to the illustration:
1. Rotate the handwheel to move the middle clamp to the left.
2. Let the middle clamp completely against the left clamp.


3. Using tools to loosen fasteners of cutter & probe.



4. Insert the cutter & probe to the top, fixing them.



5. Loosen the fixing screw of the probe, pull the probe down until it touches the clamp platform. Then tighten the screw.



The operation is completed!


More operation tips about 2M2 Magic Tank to be updated…

Jun 12

Here’s the latest Scania VCI-3 software download link for your free use.
Software Version: SDP3 2.43, replacing its previous SDP3 2.39:
Password: 53gbpc

SDP3 2.43 Overview:
Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 (SDP3) communicates with Scania vehicles and industrial and marine engines, which has been developed to support the electrical system with CAN communication. It is used for troubleshooting, adjusting customer parameters, calibrations, conversions affecting the electrical system, and updating software in control units.
latest-sdp3-2.43-free-download-for-scania-vci-3 diagnostic-tool-01

Requirements on Computer: Wins 7 sp1 ultimate edition 32 or 64, Wins 7 pro sp1 just 32 bit, Wins 10 pro

1). Need Framework 4.5 installed on the system. It runs better on Wins 7/8.
2). To install this SDP3, activation is required. You can provide us your Scania VCI 3 truck diagnostic tool ID and password, and we’ll help you activate. Otherwise, you need extra purchase.

Scania SDP3 Features:
Highest level of access
Internal Scania
Industry & Marine
Authorized Scania Workshops
Check and adjustments
Fault Codes
Fault Reporting
Programming of Control units

SDP3 2.43 Supported Languages:
English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.

Scania diagnostic software works with VCI3, which is a brand new tool to offer full maintenance for all Scania trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles or engines.
latest-sdp3-2.43-free-download-for-scania-vci-3 diagnostic-tool-02

Scania VCI 3 Features:
1. Extremely Fast – It uses Scania diagnostic system based on CAN network, working very fast.
2. High-speed Wireless Connection – Work with Wifi with your truck, without problems such as damages data cables or other disadvantages of a wired connection. But if you like, USB connection is also available.
3. Specially Designed for SCANIA – For full service for Scania trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles.
4. Lightweight – Aluminum housing with IP67 protection
5. Polyurethane cables for extreme conditions.
6. WLAN Version: 802.11b/g
7. Encryption protocols: WPA2/WPA/WEP128/WEP64
8. Operating voltage: CAN BUS (7-40V DC)

Matters needing attention:
1). Currently, Scania VCI-3 only works with Scania SDP3 2.43 or newer versions released in the future.
2). The adapter doesn’t work with trucks and engines before 2004.

Nov 15

Newest test result: Renault Can Clip V191 is tested working flawlessly by engineer.

Renault Can Clip V191 new feature:
Megane IV PH2 and Captur II CN.

Year / Release Date: 2019
OS: Windows 7, 10 x32
Language: Multilingual (English, French, German, Italian, Russian and other)

The program for the diagnosis of electronic systems of cars Renault, Dacia, and Samsung.
SP19-A Best CAN Clip with Full Chip AN2135SC AN2136SC: Confirmed
SP19-D cheaper CAN Clip ship from UK: Confirmed

To have can clip V191 Software:




Renault Can Clip V191 win7 installation:

Free links:
Renault Can Clip 191 on Mega!KsRTmarL!J4Zx25JAGjU2ut6F1h_rjcw4n2wCK2Qjd_Ud506ijoo
Size: 2.70GB
Password: No need

Download Renault Can Clip Registration file:
Credits to one user of MHH forum.
Security: try at your own lucky.